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Aixam Logo

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When you are looking for high quality microcars, Aixam is one of the leading car brands that produce these types of cars. Aixam was originally founded in France and was only producing standard sized vehicles. It was only later on that they began to be known for their micro cars; aside from their micro cars, they are also widely known for their cars that can be driven without a license in certain countries in Europe.

The Aixam logo is very simple. The logo shows a circle with the big “A” in the middle. Right in the middle of “A” is the Aixam name. This logo was used in the early stages of the Aixam Company. There is nothing special with meaning of the Aixam logo; it basically just represents the name of the company.

Aixam didn’t use this logo for long though, later on when they start to produce micro cars they changed their name to Aixam Mega. As a result, the Aixam logo also experienced quite a few changes. Instead of the big “A” in the middle, it now changed to a big “M”. The name Aixam also changed and was now called Mega. It still retained the theme of the original logo that Aixam has been known for and that is the circle with the blue color.

Whether it’s the car logos with the big “A” or the big “M” on it, it has been engraved on people’s minds that these logos come from one of the leaders when it comes to micro cars. Aside from the popular micro cars, they are also one of the leading distributors of cars that can be driven even without driver’s license. To this day, Aixam Mega is also starting to manufacture a multitruck range that they are slowly gaining popularity for as well.

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