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The Alfa Romeo logo has always been associated to classy cars. The Alfa Romeo logo is used mainly to represent cars being produced by A.L.F.A or the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. The A.L.F.A. is the leading distributors of cars in Milan. Alfa Romeo cars are mostly cars that were designed and used for car racing. But overtime, they have also been known to produce quality motorbikes used in racing as well.

When you look at an Alfa Romeo logo, it gives of an ancient yet classy feel to it. This is because the Alfa Romeo logo was designed with several factors in mind. The owner of A.L.F.A wanted as much as possible to incorporate Milan in their emblem. For this reason, they specifically designed a badge that represented one of the most influential as well as respected families in Milan; the Visconti.

There are several components that you can find in the Alfa Romeo logo; basically it’s a round badge with a cross on the left side and a serpent on the right side. All of these components represent most of the myths and legends that is known and very representative of Milan. The serpent on the right side of the logo represents a popular myth of a man eating snake that roamed around Milan during the 5th century AD. This snake was slain by a man named Ottoni Visconti; this act of heroism was greatly celebrated thus it was included in the coat of arms.

One the left side of the car logos by Alfa Romeo, is a red cross on top of a white background. This cross is said to be a symbolic representation of Giovanni Da Rio’s deed; he was said to be the first person to ever climb the Jerusalem walls and placed a cross. All of these elements reflect the history of Milan; this is the reason why Alfa Romeo chose these so that they can be closely related to their country of origin.

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