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One of the newest car manufacturers to launch a car line in Europe is Ariel. They are a young company that only began in the year 1991. This car brand was based and started manufacturing in a town called Crewkerne, Somerset. The company was originally called Solocrest Limited and was only changed to Ariel Ltd in the year 2001 after they were able to buy off the rights of the former Ariel car and motorcycle manufacturer.

The Ariel logo reflects the simplicity of the company itself. The Ariel logo only has what is meant to look like an “A” in the middle of the circle, with the name Ariel at the bottom of the circle. The simplicity of the logo is carried towards the company itself. When most car manufacturers have huge factories, Ariel is one of the smallest car manufacturers in the whole of United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, they have only about 7 people employed in their company.

There is nothing very significant of the current Ariel logo. The logo basically is just an artistic representation of the brand. The old Ariel Company that was known to specialize in motorcycles did undergo quite a few changes in their logo. Over the 27 years of their existence, before their rights were bought by Solocrest, they were able to market about 5 different car logos.

Ariel today is no longer producing motorcycles, instead they have successfully ventured into creating and producing sports cars. One of the most popular designs that Ariel is now known for is their exoskeletal car that can readily be taken to the road; one of the very firsts in the entire world. When people see the logo of Ariel, they can instantly think of quality cars with unique designs.

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