Aston Martin Logo
Aston Martin Logo

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When we hear the name Aston Martin, we are instantly drawn to thinking about luxury cars at their finest; after that we then think about James Bond. The Aston Martin logo has indeed been successfully marketed as one of the top choices when looking for luxurious cars. The founders and designers, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, have always envisioned fast running cars with a more sophisticated look. True enough, to this day, Aston Martin is a leading choice when a person is looking for a sophisticated car that can still leave the other cars eating their dust.

Like any other car logos, the Aston Martin logo has also gone through several subtle changes over the years. The very first Aston Martin logo was very far from the logo that we now see in Aston Martin cars these days. When the first Aston Martin was released, it had made use of the initials “A” and “M” on its logo. There was not much thought put into the logo design, they basically wanted to make use of the initials to symbolize Aston Martin.

In the year 1932, they made the very first change to the Aston Martin logo. From just a simple A and M logo, they now added two wings and spelled out Aston Martin. The wings concept was borrowed from the logo of the Bentley cars. Basically, these wings were supposed to represent speed which Aston Martin cars are known for. After a few years, they made tweaking to the logo but still kept the idea of two wings and the Aston Martin name. The logo that we see now is the result of the fourth change made to their emblem. The wings were made to fit in to the modern taster of the current generation with the addition of the name of David Brown. David Brown was the one who took over the company in the year 1947, so he incorporated his name and initials to the AM range.

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