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Audi probably has one of the most recognizable car logos ever created. The simplicity of the four rings found in the Audi logo is very easy to remember and almost every person can easily associate it with the famous car manufacturer. But aside from their emblem, the Audi car range is popular on their own because of their sophisticated look paired with high performance features. This is the reason why Audi has been one of the more popular car manufacturers in the world to this date. They have successfully earned reputation to produce some of the most beautiful cars in the market these days.

There is nothing complicated with the Audi logo; it is just four rings linked to each other. Some say that it is the simplicity of their logo that makes it more endearing to the public. So what exactly do these four rings stand for? The Audi logo is a representation of the merger of the four founding companies in the year 1932. The four companies that merged are Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer; as a whole they make up the Auto Union. As soon as four car companies merged, they became one of the biggest car manufacturers in Germany. Although they were merged as one company, each of them was still assigned a different car type to design and market.

The four three-dimensional links symbolized the strength and security of the merger of the four founding companies. Even though Audi has been around for many years, the merger and partnership of these four companies were unscathed. The logo is silver in color because they also wanted to signify what Audi is widely known for: lightweight design and power. As simple as their emblem may be, they were able to maintain the reputation linked to that emblem; this is the reason why it remains to be one of the highly successful and respected car manufacturers to this day.

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