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When it comes to changes in the car logos, it is probably safe to say that one of the car manufacturers that had undergone several changes is Buick. Buick is an American based car manufacturing company that is now under General Motors. For many years, they have successfully produced cars that are of high quality and performance. This is the reason why they are considered to be one the largest and very few American based car manufacturers who are popular the world over.
The Buick logo today shows three silver shields within a silver circle. This was not the logo that Buick known for in the past. As a matter of fact, Buick has made several changes in their logo over the years. The very first logo that they used was the name Buick in cursive lettering and brass colours. This logo was commonly found in the radiator grills of their model cars. Over the next few years, they played with the logo but still retaining the Buick name in every design. They mixed and matched colors and even tried to display the name Buick in a more artistic and abstract manner.
It was only during the mid 1930’s that Buick started to change the Buick logo to the three shields that they are known for now. It all came about after a researcher discovered the ancestral arms of the Scottish family, Buick. Since Buick was originally founded by a Scottish man named David Dunbar Buick, they felt like they pay homage to him by incorporating their ancestral arms to the Buick logo.
Ever since then, they began to use the three shields within a circle. It was originally three colorful shields, but as time passed, they began adding and removing components of the logo. Today, they kept their logo sleek by maintaining the shields but removing the colours within the shields.

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