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Chrysler Logo

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Chrysler Group LLC is a multinational company that focuses in auto making. It was first named as the Chrysler Corporation in 1925. Its headquarters is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. This company was founded by Walter Chrysler on June 6, 1925 after the re-organization of the Maxwell Motor Company which was the reason of its name change to Chrysler Corporation.

Chrysler’s cars had undergone lots of innovations until the present time. The first innovation was the four-wheeled hydraulic brakes in which they used rubber for its engine mounts for a lesser vibration. They had also developed a wheel with ridged rim to keep a deflated tire from flying off the wheel. This type of wheel was then adopted by other companies worldwide.

As the Chrysler Company continues to make ways in becoming a successful automobile company, the management also planned of designing its own Chrysler logo which will serve as their visual representation word wide. Car logos are an important part in every car manufacturing company because it serves as an which represents their models, their company and the people behind the management. Car logos are also a type of advertisement in order for the people to be more familiar with the company’s car designs. Just like other car logos, Chrysler logo was also made with proper planning and designing. Chrysler logo was designed to show the elegance of the cars produced by Chrysler.

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