Citroen car company logoFounded in France by a French Industrialist named Andre-Gustave Citroen, PSA Peugeot Citroen Group is a French corporation that includes a major group called Citroen, which focuses in manufacturing cars. Citroen is the first company outside the USA, who held a mass production of cars. They also developed a unique strategy to create sales and services network that complements the motor cars. They could  use an effective marketing strategy that resulted to it becoming the largest car manufacturing company in Europe and 4th largest around the globe.

Citroen was known for being an agent of innovation and revolutionary engineering when it comes to automobile technology. This was also shown in the company’s slogan, “Creative Technology.” They were not afraid of taking the calculated risk in discovering new technology for a faster, safer and better model of cars. Their discovery of new technology which started their innovation was when Andre-Gustave Citroen created and introduced the industrial mass production which was launched outside the USA. He also produced vehicles for the French military during the World War II. Citroen was also the first company which introduced the car with all-steel body which they called as B-10. In 1934, they could  produce the world’s first front-wheel drive car and on the same year they also launched a monocone-type of the car body. Then, in the year 1954, they produced the world’s first hydro pneumatic self-leveling suspension system and in the preceding year, they could  produce a car with disk brakes.

As the company continued to grow and become known around the globe, they thought of creating their own Citroen logo. They planned to have a logo in order to be more known to the people which they call as the Citroen logo. Car logos are another way of advertisement for their company. Car logos serve as a visual representation of any car brand. Most of the car logos include the company name in their trade marks for the same purpose which is to advertise their company. Citroen logo has also a company name added in its badge for the people to be familiar with the brand name. Today, they are still thinking of ways to improve their car technology and to remain known as the Aide of innovation.

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