Dodge car logoFounded by the Dodge Brothers Company in the year 1900, the car brand Dodge is a car manufacturing company based in United States, which focuses on manufacturing mini vans, sport-utility vehicles and other automobiles. These cars were marketed by Chrysler Group LLC in more or less sixty countries and territories around the world. The company started as a supplier of car parts and assembles them for Detroit’s auto industry. In the year 1915, Dodge began making its own vehicles.


Dodge has had many car logos in the past before they came up to their final Dodge logo. The first Dodge logo made was called Dodge Ram logo that was designed by a sculptor named Avard T. Fairbanks which worked for the University of Michigan in 1929. He needs to change his classic car which was Willys-Knight and the thought of offering the Dodge Company of designing a hood ornament in exchange for a new car. In the year 1954, Mike Sealey designed another version of Dodge logo which was called as separated-horns hood ornament. It was a stylish one which was then applied to their trucks.


Among Dodge car logos, the most popular were the designs made from the year 1952-1952 for the passenger cars. It had separate horns and became a well-known well-known aftermarket Dodge truck accessory in the late 1960’s. This design was again substituted in the late 1990’s.


There were numerous versions of Dodge car logos made aside from what are mentioned above. Some of them were Ram logo, gold winged shield in 1954, crest with red bars in 1941 and lots of them. There were minimal changes made like change in color, shape and some additional details. In 1970, they decided to put a modern feel to their car logo so they made a moderately slanted type-based logo. The company name Dodge was changed to all capitals and given a stronger slant on 1980. This change added to the appeal of the logo made it more attractive. In the late 1990’s, the company management decided to apply the ram logo to the cars as well.

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