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Elfin car logoElfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer of sports and motor racing cars since 1957. It was founded by Garrie Cooper, a champion driver and a car designer. After his death in 1982 at the age of 46, the firm was bought by Tasmanian Don Elliott, racing driver Tony Edmondson and mechanic John Porter, who moved in an designed a new Formula Vee, the Crusader, and a Formula Brabham car.

In 1993, the Elfin name passed to Victorian Murray Richards, who built a new-generation Elfin Clubman Type 3. In 1998, he sold the company to its previous owners, Bill Hemming and Nick Kovatch. Both had maintained a quality product by protecting its designs.
Presently, it is owned by the estate of former British racing driver Tom Walkinshaw, under his company Walkinshaw Performance, which also owns Holden Special Vehicles. The current manufacturer location is at Braeside, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
The Elfin owns a best logo design for a car that is tied completely to its name. Unlike other car manufacturers who use symbolism for their logos, the Elfin simply shows a happy creature that the car was made for. The Elfin relates to a quality car made magically by elf and surrounded by the circle which resembles as a wheel and symbol of inclusion in superb racing performance.
Elfin cars proved their magical performance for winning 29 championships and major Grand Prix Titles. This consists of two Australian Drivers’ Championships, four Australian Sports Car Championships, three Australian Tourist Trophies, four Formula Ford titles, the Singapore Grand Prix (1968) and had won twice in Malaysian Grand Prix.
These cars were also used by prominent drivers like James Hunt, World formula One Champion; French Formula One driver, Didier Pironi. Among others were Vern Schuppan, Larry Perkins, John Bowe, Frank Matich, John McCormack, Bob Jane, John Harvey, Allan Grice and Peter Manton.
This year, Elfin had introduced an entry-level model; the turbo charged four cylinders powered T5 Clubman and is producing two V8 powered sports cars: the MS8 Streamliner and the MS8 Clubman.
Amidst, the rising car brands in the industry of cars, the Elfin is still the oldest and best makers of sports cars throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and the UK for 50 years.

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