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GAZ or Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod), translated as Gorky Automobile Plant, is one of the largest automotive companies in Russia. It started in 1932 as NAZ, through cooperation between Ford and the Soviet Union.

GAZ runs under the GAZ Group holding that is capable of holding 18 plants in 10 regions of its country. Its headquarters is based in Nizhny Novgorod.

The GAZ Group manufacturing includes light commercial and medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, buses, cars, construction and road-building equipment, power train and automotive components.

GAZ has a unique design from other car logos. GAZ logo has an orange background with stag on it. Below is a company name ‘GAZ’ printed in Russian letters and enclosed in the shield frame similar to that of knights. Along with the principle in creation of car logos, GAZ logo is symbolical. The animal stag as one of the elements found in GAZ logo prevails on the qualities of an animal in terms of maturity, speed and strength. These are also reflected to GAZ philosophy of creating heavy-duty  vehicles like armor trucks, cars and buses. These tough designs marked Russian car strength ability by car logos.

GAZ had established a name in the field of car manufacturing industry even if the economic recession had affected it in the late 2000’s. It created an agreement in the LDV company based in England as a van maker but faced a failure after the production was halted, and the said company was sold to ECO concept in 2009.

When DaimlerChrysler planned to modernize their assembly plant in 2006, assembly line and tooling were sold to GAZ and was shipped to its headquarters in Russia. GAZ built Sebring vehicle in Nizhny Novgorod with a high degree of automation that lasted until 2010.

After years of failures, the company decided to launch GAZelle-Business lineup for diesel, petrol and LPG equipment. It concentrated more on supplying automotive parts and assembly with joint memorandums on other automobile companies like Mercedes Benz, General Motors for Chevrolet, FAW, a Chinese automaker company for heavy-duty trucks and Volkswagen. In 2011, it also announced the reproduction of its new light vehicle that will be launched in 2013 for mass production.

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