Ginetta car company logo


Ginetta Cars Limited was founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers. It was an avenue of passion for motor racing and realization of producing excellent road and race cars.

The company marked a change in formula racing when they launch G4 model in 1961 in a Car Show. The G4 was made for club racer who wanted a cost effective weekday roadcar of weekend racer. It was powered by Ford engines, which made it to numerous successes in tallies of race. This had established Ginetta in the field of motoring.

The Ginetta logo is simple yet contains hidden meanings from other car logos. Ginetta’s logo presents letter ‘G’ resembling into a pyramid with slim straight lines. It is enclosed in a circle that is the yellow-orange background. The letter G in Ginetta Logo resembled an inverted pyramid which is a linear perspective on the road to travel until the roads meet at the end. This cue is an intelligent-design  cue among car logos. It also presents an agility of a car in slope of the road since the letter “G” follows   a track in a race. Ginetta logo is a creative design worthy to be on the list of prominent car logos in industry.

The Success with the G4 prompted ever greater,  and elegant designs and further success with the Imp powered G15, and the Chrysler 1725 powered G21. Both of these cars passed the standard tests.

In late 2005 Ginetta was acquired by LNT Automotive; a company runs by Yorkshire businessman and racing car driver Lawrence Tomlinson. He moved his modern facility factory in Leeds. Being a trained engineer, Tomlinson sketched specification for the Ginetta G50 for the car’s 50th year in the industry, and this is recognized as a successful GT4 car.

Presently, Ginetta is building a G40 Road car which is from an original DNA of its past G4 car.

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