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The Great Wall logo, named for the Great Wall of China, from it’s very beginning stood for the strength of numbers and sturdiness the chinese workforce displays. The Great Wall logo itself shows a Loulu, or guard tower on the real Great Wall placed to send smoke signals or store weapons and food, extending in both directions and eventually meeting.

The symbolism in the Great Wall logo is that of a company which began as a single-purpose project on a large scale; only to quickly and efficiently expand in to a number of thriving endeavors all based around the original concept. That concept; to build a strong, inexpensive and durable work horse to get the job-at-hand done and then done again and again if needed. Their company logo of ” Focus, Dedication, Specialization” reinforces this mantra of picking one thing to get done very well and driving it home unti done.

The banner Great Wall logo has been flown in the Dakar Rally for the last three years, with great pride and increasing success driven beneath it. Also bein flown as far from their home, in Baoding – Hebei province, as Bulgaria, Egypt, Russia, Iran, Vietnam and many other of their vast production infrastructure locatos which shows the breadth and focus the company shows in its choice of logo. The Great Wall logo truly captures the backbone of the Chinese industrial and working spirit both in ancient historical dynasties up to todays modern production lines. Observing the Great Wall logo, you can see how the ancient Chinese empires started completing one task; connected heir work into a bigger, bolder and stronger version of their original vision.

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