Infiniti car company logo
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Infiniti car company logo

Infiniti car company logoInfiniti is a luxury sector of the auto producer called Nissan. In the year of 1989, Infiniti started selling their cars in the Northern part of America. Soon, it expanded and became popular in several countries, which include South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, China, Ukraine, United Kingdom and some parts of Middle East. In the present time, Infiniti has over 230 dealers in fifteen countries all over the world.

Because of its popularity and fast expansion, like other car logos, Infiniti logo also became known to people. Unlike other car logos, Infiniti logo is not made of letters or characters. Instead, it is shown as a horizontal oblong with an upside-down  letter v. Among several car logos, Infiniti logo has one of the unique presentations because it does not show its letters, but instead it uses an image.

This brand was not first sold at Japan though it was made in a company which is based in Japan. Furthermore, it’s Infiniti brand was not used in Japan. The company made another name of its model for Japan. Infiniti G was named as Nissan Skyline coupe and sedan in Japan. Infiniti M was named as Nissan Fuga, Infiniti EX as the Nissan Skyline crossover and Infiniti Q45 was named as Nissan Cima in Japan. Infiniti FX was not sold in Japan. Hence, it has no equivalent model name in the said country.

Even though Infiniti was made in Japan and even though thecoma was based in Japan, this car brand was first sold and launched in United States in the year of 1989. The target of this division in Nissan was to be known as one of the nicest luxury cars aside from the already famous ones like Lexus and Acura, which were made by Honda and Toyota. The reason why the company decided to export these expensive car models is because of the Voluntary Export Restraints rule that was imposed by Japanese Government, which gave them more profit. 

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