Mitsubishi car company logoMitsubishi was founded in the early 1870s by Yataro Iwasaki as a shipping company. Warships, tanks and military aircrafts, e.g. the Zero-fighter, were the works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. After the Second World War, the company ventured in auto manufacturing. Its first product is the low-cost 3-wheel mini trucks to meet the demand from the rebuilding Japanese society. The early Mitsubishis were only small cars, but then it expanded to medium-size cars by introducing Colt, Lancer and Galant. In 1970, the automotive division formally split from the group and became Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC).

Mitsubishi continued to prosper in the 1980s and early 1990s. During this golden period, it introduced many popular new models, such as Space Wagon, Pajero, Starion, Eclipse and Lancer Evo. It was also renowned for high-tech features, such as the 4WD and 4WS technology in Galant VR4, GTO and Sigma. Powerful turbo charged engines, Invest-II semi-automatic transmission, MIVEC variable cam timing and lift, GDI gasoline direct injection. At the end of this period, Mitsubsihi attained a high-tech image surpassing Honda and offered a wide range of cars to rival Toyota and Nissan. Presently, the company continues to produce cars with improvements in every car model.

Mitsubishi logo is as popular like other giant car logos in the market. The Mitsubishi word suggests the appearance of its logo. “Mitsubishi” is a combination of two words “Mitsu” which means three and “hishi” (comes from “bishi”) which is used to denote a diamond shape. Altogether, the word means three diamonds, which are clearly depicted in the Mitsubishi logo. Aside from its historical roots like other car logos have, the company logo had more to tell in terms of symbolism used.

Mitsubishi logo takes the shape of a rhombus or three equally shaped diamonds that signifies integrity, reliability and trust. The red color in the Mitsubishi logo, besides other features, seems to promise an exciting and thrilling driving experience to the Mitsubishi car lovers without sacrificing any convenience it offers. The Mitsubishi logo is very famous because of its growth as a strong global player, and is recognized by almost every car aficionado worldwide than other car logos.

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