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Mosler Automotive Company was a growing car manufacturing organization that focuses on producing super cars. They are widely known in this industry. They planned of having a trade mark of their cars and their company. Just like other car logos, their logo was designed according to the name of their company. Artistically made capital letter “M” with a yellow or gold lining around it is the look of the Mosler logo. Car logos represent the whole company as well as its models. That is the reason why car logos should be planned and designed well.As what the Mosler Automotive’s history tells, a bond trader named Warren Mosler who managed a hedge fund with $5 billion started a company and named it as Consulier Industries and started in the automotive industry by introducing the Consulier GTP which is a 2200 lb. mid-engined car powered by a mid-mounted turbo charged Chrysler 2.2 L engine producing 190 hp. Its chassis was made of fibre glass and foam monocoque. Mosler was so confident with his creation that he took the risk of offering $25, 000 to anyone who could drive another car brand and model around US racetrack that could run faster than his Consulier GTP. Car and Driver took the challenge by racing a stock Chevrolet Corvette. The friendly competition was held at the Chrysler Proving Ground racetrack in Chelsea, Michigan. The race finished with 1:21:01 for Corvettes time and 1:22:56 for Consulier’s time.Read more about Mosler car company logo

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