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Pininfarina Logo

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Pinifarina is automobile company that started as a supplier of car bodies for other high end car companies. It is currently involved in a big modernization project which develops new skills for their company to be more competitive in the market. The company is meanwhile extending its range from the traditional designs and manufacturing business to a more modernized, industrial and interior designing. Included in their goals is to be able to offer flexible services and be able to operate in every sector of the automotive industry.

Pinifarina also made a logo for itself, which is known as the Pininfarina logo. Like other car logos, Pininfarina’s logo also represents its brand and the company behind the designs they produce. Car logos are visual representation of every car manufacturing company. It may be small but car logos also help in advertising every car brand. Thus, it helps in improving one brand’s popularity. Pininfarinas logo was designed as a crowned small letter”f” with the company name below.

Last September 2003, Pininfarina merged with Volvo Car Corporation owning the 60%. Their aim was to develop and manufacture Volvo’s next-generation convertible. Their new name was Pininfarina Sverige AB, and this company will be responsible for the project management, process engineering, prototyping and testing services.

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