Porsche car company logoFounded by Professor Ferdinand Porsche in 1931, Dr. lng. H. c. f. Porsche GmbH or simply Porsche is an Auto Company which started in offering motor vehicle development work and consulting. At first, it did not build cars using its own name. This company has main offices located at Kronenstraße 24 in the centre of Stuttgart. As a trivia, its first assignment given by the German government was to design a car for the German people, and its name was Volkswagen. This gave birth to the Volkswagen Beetle which is considered as one of the most successful cars of all time. Actually, the Porsche 64 was developed using almost all components of the Beetle.

Volkswagen was also used in the World War II. It was modified to become a military version which was called as Kubelwagen. They produced over 52,000 of this model. They were also able to make Schwimmwagen in which they produced 14,000. Porsche produced several designs for heavy tanks during the war, but some of their works did not manage to win. However, still, they could  use the chassis for other models.

The historic Porsche logo was actually based on the coat of arms of Free People’s state of Wurttemberg. Just like other car logos, Porsche logo was also made with intense planning and design. As a matter of fact, there were numerous drafts produced by the designer Franz Xaver Reimspieß. After several tries of designing the Porsche logo, a crest was finally created, which became the company’s trademark worldwide. Car logos, even though they are just a small part in every car, still they hold an important role. Car logos serve as a visual representation of the company behind any car model.

On the logo, they put a black horse on its center who signifies forward thrusting power and a derivation of the city seal where it came from. They used a steed and the word Stuttgart showing a sign of bond they felt with its base town. The logo contains a shield as its outer contours while having the word Porsche as the overarching signature. Nonetheless, this logo was really made with heart and mind.

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