Rolls Royce car company logoFounded in 1903, Rolls Royce is a British car manufacturer of luxury cars, which is based in West Sussex, England with its plant named as the Goodwood Plant. This plant is the fifth Rolls Royce that is based in United Kingdom. Previously, they already had four, which are located in Manchester, London, Derby and Crewe.

Just like other car manufacturing companies, Rolls Royce has also its own Rolls Royce logo. Car logos are not just accessories or decorations in a car. It plays an important role as it serves as visual representation of the company a car is from. Car logos are also a way of advertisement for the company in order to add in its popularity. Rolls Royce logo comes in a double R image which is usually placed in front of the car. Rolls Royce logo started having the colour red. However, it was changed to black in 1934 after the death of Henry Royce, which is the owner of the said car brand. Actually, it was Henry himself who decided to change the color of their badge because he realized that red can clash to some of their models’ color. The first model that was released with a black badge was the Phantom III of 1934 and was also the first car without the input of Mr. Henry Royce.

In 1998, the Rolls Royce motor was sold by the owner. One of the interested buyers is BMW, who already supplied engines and other components to Rolls Royce even before. They offered to buy the company in the amount of £340m. However, it was beaten by Volkswagen’s £430m.

In the present time, Rolls Royce could sell 3,538 cars, which trended up to their sales to 31%. Their sales gained high in Asia-Pacific region with 47 percent followed by Britain with 30 percent then third is the Middle East with 23 percent.

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