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Saab Automobile AB, better known as Saab is originally a division of the Svenska Aeroplane Aktiebolaget or Swedish Aeroplane Limited when translated into English. The main purpose for its establishment was to build and produce aircraft for the Swedish Air Force in order to protect their country as Europe moved close to war against them country.

When the war ended, the production of air craft became low so the company thought of another way in order to grow as a car manufacturing company. So they decided to start building cars that they wished to market around the globe. Their venture did not go so well unlike for other brands.

Saab also thought of developing, designing and launching a Saab logo of their own that will serve as their trade mark.  For some, car logos may just be an addition to the design of every car model that is released by every car manufacturing company, but it is more than that. Car logos serve as a visual representation for every car brand. Additionally, car logos also help in advertising a certain car brand improving its popularity. Saab logo was designed as a simple “SAAB” with a fair color. Because of its simplicity, Saab logo was considered to one of the attractive logos in the automobile industry.

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