Saab car company logoSaab Automobile AB, better known as Saab, which is an acronym for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget is a Dutch Car manufacturing company owned by the Swedish Automobile NV or formerly known as the Spyker Cars NV. It was appointed by the King of Sweden to be the exclusive royal warrant holder.

Like other car manufacturing companies, Saab has also its own trade mark which they refer to as the Saab logo. Some may think that car logos are just an addition to the design of the cars they release, but it is more than that. Car logos serve as a visual representation for every car brand. Additionally, car logos also help in advertising a certain car brand improving its popularity. Saab logo was designed as a simple “SAAB” with a fair color. Because of its simplicity, Saab logo was considered to one of the attractive logos in the automobile industry.

Originally, this company was a division of the Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget or Swedish Aeroplane Limited when translated into English. It was established to be the manufacturer of the aircraft for the Swedish Air Force in order to protect their country as Europe moved close to war. As the war ended, the production of air craft became slow so the company thought of another diversion to gain money.

In the year 1990, Saab was bought by the GM (General Motors) company. The company faces several financial trials that made it decide to petition for bankruptcy to the Swedish court in order to avoid insolvency.

In the first month of the year 2010, General Motors announced that Saab was sold to Spyker but is subject to regulatory and government approval. The sale was confirmed and completed on February 23, 2010. They agreed that General Motors will continue to supply engines and transmissions for Saab. The agreement between the two companies included a loan from European Investment Bank, guaranteed by the Swedish government.

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