Scania car company logo
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Scania car company logo

Scania car company logoScania Aktiebolag (publ), commonly referred to as Scania AB or just Scania was founded in 1891 in Södertälje, Sweden. This company is a Swedish automotive industry manufacturer of commercial vehicles like heavy trucks and buses. It also manufactures diesel engines for motive power of heavy vehicles, marine, and general industrial applications. The vehicles produced by Scania have a gross vehicle weight of sixteen tons, which falls to the class b vehicles intended for long distance travels. Their cars are usually used for local distribution of goods as well as construction materials.

For its buses, Scania is limited to producing bus chassis, which is used for tours and intercity travels. Their buses are most likely to be smaller than the other because their market is focused on private tours.

Like other car companies, Scania has also its own badge, which is known as the Scania logo. Scania logo shows a Griffin which is from the coat of arms of the Swedish region of Scania. Under the image in the Scania logo is their company name “Scania.” For some, car logos may just be considered as an addition to the design of a car but for the car companies, car logos are more than that. It is important for them because it helps in advertising their company as it serves as a visual representation of their car brand. Car logos are commonly placed in front of every car released in the market.

In the present time, Scania could build up ten productions plants in different countries like Sweden, France, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Poland and Russia. It had also expanded worldwide as it already owns ten assembly plants in ten countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Their range expanded around the globe in terms of sales and finance as well as their service organization. In fact, as counted last 2008, they already hired an approximately 35,000 around the world. This company is still doing its best to become globally competitive not in luxury but to be competitive in terms of usage.

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