Shelby car company logoLast 2003, Carroll Shelby International was founded from customized performance vehicle manufacturing company Shelby American. It happened because the founder and at the same time the owner of the said organization opened the company to the public while forming Shelby’s automobiles in his wish to continue to build vehicles and its parts. In 2009, the company celebrated the 45th anniversary 427 Cobra and GT350 and together with the celebration was the binging back of the company’s original name, Shelby American.

The company was highly involved with racing in which their cars won several races in racing games like the Dragstrip at the 24-hours Le Mans. Shelby American was also the first American company which won the World Manufacturers’ Championship. I’m 1966. Shelby American helped the Ford Motor Company to join the America’s the World Manufacturers’ Championship and with the same year, it also provided support to Ford to campaign for them to win the 1966 24 hours of Le Mans.

Shelby logo, the visual representation of Shelby American was made of an image of a snake called cobra that is placed inside a circle with its company name overlapping the image. Shelby logo was made following the model names of the company. Car logos play an important part in every car company for it serves as a visual representation of its manufacturer. Car logos also add to the popularity of the car brand because it makes the consumers be more familiar with it. For these reasons, just like other car logos Shelby logo was made with the company name below it.

The owner of the company Carroll Shelby was previously working at the Texas based Unique Performance in which they created the new Mustang Based Shelby cars which are known to be the GT350SR and GT500E. But because of VIN irregularities the said company was raided by the Farmers Branch Police Department last November 1, 2007 which made them to declare bankruptcy. This declaration ended the continuation of the Shelby “Eleanor” production.

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