Smart car company logoSmart car was realized in 1993 through partnership of Daimler and Swatch, a Swiss watchmaker. The result is Micro Compact Car AG company, with headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. The company later moved to Germany. The goal was to produce a funky “city car” that would be engineered by Daimler and designed by Swatch. The result certainly catches people’s attention while driving down the road.

The Smart car despite its small size is quite safe. It employs the “tridion” safety cell, which is made from three layers of reinforced steel. It was designed to absorb energy in the event of a crash to protect the passengers. Its makers say the Smart Car can withstand crashes with much larger vehicles.

Other features of Smart car are its fuel efficiency and ease of parking. It can be parked perpendicular to the curb in an urban parallel parking spot.

Most of smart cars like Smart City-Coupe are tiny cars designed for two passengers to enable passage in the narrow streets of Europe’s big cities. Europeans prefer much smaller cars like the Fiat and Mini-Cooper.

The Smart Car comes in several different models today, including the Fortwo Pure, the sporty Fortwo Passion Coupe which features a “panorama roof” and the Fortwo Passion Cabriolet, a convertible option. There are also two BRABUS models with luxury trim options such as leather, stainless steel and brushed aluminum. The Smart Car is available in six colors: black, red and beige are base colors, and metallic blue, gray or silver is available for an additional cost. The tridione safety cell, visible on the outside of the car, comes in black but can be upgraded to silver.

Smart logo is simple but packed with hidden meaning like other car logos. It is marketed as the “smart” in all lower-case.  The Smart logo, as of 2010, denotes a letter “c” that stands for “compact” and an arrow for “forward thinking.” Smart car logo is stylish and known as one of the famous car logos worldwide. Smart logo presents amazing car innovation and a product of wild imagination. It continues to amaze car aficionados and one of the choices on sea of car logos.

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