SSC car company logoShelby Super Cars (SSC), is an American super car company founded in 1999 by automotive enthusiast, Jerod Shelby. SSC’s headquarters in Tri-Cities, Washington, is also the hometown of Mr. Shelby and home to his dream. Fueled by his passion for racing and automotive culture SSC’s success is a true representation of the American Dream.

It really took time before SSC came up with their Ultimate Aero. It took them seven years of hard work until they successfully manufactured a super car that, according to them, would set standards for super cars of today. It wouldn’t be the world’s most powerful production car without its remarkable performance. With its twin turbo V-8 engine, it is capable of producing 1,183 horsepower and 1094 ft.-lbs. of torque. Because of that, no other cars can perform better than SSC Aero can. The Ultimate Aero became the World’s Fastest Production Car as verified by Guinness World Records with a recorded speed of  256 mph (411.99 km/h).

The SSC logo is stylish like other car logos. It comes in two kinds. The first SSC logo is resembled in a diamond shape with checked design like a flag in a race with a stag at the apex that presents speed. The second SSC logo is similar to other car logos. It simply represents the name of its company “SSC” in metallic and hard plate. These car logos of the company are known as a badge of speed and prestige with its fastest cars in the world.

Competing with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Koenigsegg (to name a few), SSC has and continues to exponentially accelerate in its development and production of world-class  super cars. SSC has plans for a 220+ mph four door, luxury, sports sedan, which will also be the pinnacle of the class in which it belongs. Behind closed doors SSC is a currently pioneering revolutionary Green Technology for implementation into its super cars soon.

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