Vintage car logos

Cars carry a big role in the society, mainly on transportation and providing an easier life. It also may as well serve as an identity, a status in the society, a fashion statement or sports equipment or even a job. Cars had evolved over time similar to rapid changes in technology. It had engaged collaboration on technology, which resulted to more high tech cars like the hybrid cars, electric cars, lots of gadgets and car parts.

Most admired cars were known for its remarkable car logos. Like the evolution of things in this world, car logos have gone through changes over the past years of existence. Car logos were created with symbols or meanings as their car manufacturers had created them. Logo changes for some car companies were made in order to keep up with the trend in a particular generation. It also enhances marketing so that their sales will rise.

With the heights of modern cars, there are still aficionados, which would love to stay in the conventional way.  They find beauty and pride in vintage cars than the new ones. Furthermore, vehicle models with vintage car logos appeals interesting and worthy to be owned. These cars are rarely seen in the market since modern cars are produced nowadays.  

Vintage cars are identified as cars that were produced from the 60’s, older or generations before the present time. It is presented by old style or a retro ambiance in design. Unlike the complicated and teacher modern cars, vintage cars are simpler and elegant. Vintage car logos depict history from past war, lifestyle or era.

A vast number of vintage car logos is produced by well known car companies that stand still up to now. Every vintage car logo shows identity and origin of its name. Notice the circle around the tri-star logo of Mercedes. This logo has been around since the 1920s. The spinning propeller of BMW represents the company’s beginning as an aircraft engine manufacturer. The four linked rings on Audi logo represent the company’s  formation following the merger of four German companies in the 1930s. Furthermore, by Looking  at a Ferrari, and you’ll see Francesco Baracca’s prancing horse, which is the emblem of the WWI flying ace adopted for Baracca’s racing Alfas. A three diamonds in Mitsubishi logo represent a ship’s propellers referencing the company’s ship-building days in the 1800s.

There are other vintage car logos with corresponding car models that were admired by car fanatics. These are Mopar muscle cars, a Chrysler Airflow, the Dodge Charger, Plymouth Barracudas, and Ford Model T and A, Boss Mustang and Lincoln Continental.  I added to it are vintage Chevrolet cars and pickup trucks to the excellent 1959 Cadillac and GM cars and trucks, Corvette, the All American Sports cars. There are also some wonderful cars, like the excellent Kissel Gold Bug, the beautiful Auburn 851 Speedster, and a whole crowd of classic Packard and Studebaker automobiles. We even have a few magnificent Rolls Royce, Bentley and Duesenberg automobiles.  

Vehicles with vintage car logos are usually expensive than the new released cars. The reasons for these are repairs done to make it functional and rare resources for original parts plus the effort of putting it to condition like a brand-new car.