Daewoo Logo
Daewoo Logo

Wikipedia | Defunct 2011

Daewoo Motor Co. was first founded in March, 1967 by Kim Wu-Choong in South Korea. It is a car-making company that became a successful Asian company because of the quality and design of their cars. It was first named as Daewoo Group and was changed as Daewoo Motors Co. in 1982 under the same management. Soon enough, it gained control in South Korea and became one of the most influential companies in the said country.

Together with Daewoo’s popularity, Daewoo logo became popular among car logos since  it represents a good company. In each design that the company launches, Daewoo logo is also shown in each car. Daewoo logo became known to the people in the country and even in the world.

Daewoo Motor Co. has launched several designs and series of their cars like The Royale series which includes the XQ, Duke, Prince and Salon Super. Some of their popular cars were Matiz, LeMans, Espero, Tico, Damas and Labo. Read more about Daewoo car company logo

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