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Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd is an Australian car manufacturing company founded by Garrie Cooper in 1957.  It created a history in car racing through its 29 championships and four Grand Prix Titles from different races in Australia and across Asia.

Elfin logo content is tied completely to its name among the common car logos. It appeals to the emotion of the consumers than other car logos. It shows an illustration of a happy small creature known as ‘elf’ and enclosed in a round metallic frame. It is not only stylish but conveys car quality in a logo—a thing that is not noticed in other car logos. The elements in the Elfin logo relate to the qualities of an elf being a magical tiny creature that can create superb-performance driving.  In fact, the elfin word means a “thing produced by elves, which possessed supernatural powers or strength. The said qualities are directed to the Elfin-makers promise that owning an Elfin car will take you to magical speed and superb experience while driving.

Elfin firm is passed from generation to generation, and had faced challenges but still emerges in-car  manufacturing industry for over 50 years. It continues to improve and provide quality performance sports cars for champion drivers all over the world.

At present, the Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd is owned by the estate of former British racing driver Tom Walkinshaw, through his company Walkinshaw Performance, which also owns Holden Special Vehicles.

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