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Ford Motor Company is one of the leading car brands in the automobile industry nowadays. The man behind the success of this company is an American by the name of Henry Ford, who established it on June 16, 1903 after twice company failures. He designed this into a multinational company that holds small stakes from other motor companies like Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in UK. It also holds the Jaguar before it was sold to Tata’s motors in India. In his automaker, company based in a suburb of Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan, he holds a system of management to provide quality cars. This method was adapted and later known in the world as Fordism.

The famous Ford logo was enlisted in earliest car logos. In 1909, by Childe Harold Wills, Ford’s first chief engineer and designer offered his  script and created the father of car logos at the time. Ford logo was added later for the 1927 Model A until today.  The simplicity of Ford logo can be seen in its blue oval with the company name in it. It is one of the famous and expensive car logos today.

Counting the years of company’s existence, Ford had extended its Fordism in all continents of the world by supplying sports cars, racing cars, and even transit buses.

The production of different car models also continues with improvements and versatility depending on consumers need an everyday use. This ranges from natural gas, hydrogen, flexible fuel, and electric vehicles.

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The Ford logo brand still has an interesting story. Henry Ford wanted a distinctive font to use in his car logos, so he turned to an old friend, Harold Willis, who made a living printing business cards. When Ford asked for help with the font, Willis supplied a seldom used typeface which became the font that still appears on all Ford models to this day.

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