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Ginetta Cars Limited was born in 1958 from the passion of Walklett brothers in racing cars and dream to produce supreme road and racing cars.

The Ginetta logo is packed with hidden meanings from other car logos. The logo presents letter ‘G’ resembling into a pyramid and enclosed in a circle with yellow-orange  background. The letter G in logo resembled an inverted pyramid which is a linear perspective on the road to travel until the roads meet.  Intelligent-design  cue among car logos. It also presents an agility of a car in slope of the road since the letter “G” seems to be a complicated track in a race. Ginetta logo is a product of creative design worthy to belong in prominent car logos.

In 1961, the company launched the G4 model in a Car Show. The G4 is powered by Ford’s engine, which indicates ultimate speed and victories in the field of racing starting that year. These achievements made Ginetta known in the field of motoring.

Lawrence Tomlinson, a racing car driver and owner of LNT Automotive bought Ginetta in late 2005. He sketched the base specification for Gineta G50, a car model launched in honor to 50 years of Ginetta’s prestige in automobile industry. Presently, Ginetta is building G40 road car, an incarnation of past G4 model.

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