GMC car company logoGMC is a division of General Motors Company.  It was founded by Max Grabowsky on December 22, 1901 with a company name Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. This company built some of the earliest commercial trucks in the society which is run by a one cylinder engine. It was purchased by General Motors in 1909 to create a new line of vehicles for the General Motors Truck Company. Thus, the “GMC Truck” brand name was born. It was merged with Reliance Motor Company in 1911 and first appeared in its new brand name during the New York International Auto Show.

GMC logo is presented by initials of its parent company, the “GMC” or the General Motors Company. GMC logo one of the simplest car logos known globally. Despite its simplicity, it holds high-capacity  special cars and heavy-duty trucks. It is a part of the history that any car logos. GMC logo was known for its simple but tough company identification among the car logos.

GMC became a part of the history after it produced 600,000 trucks for U.S. Military troops during the World War Two.  It manufactured fire trucks, ambulances, heavy-duty trucks, military vehicles, motor homes, and transit buses after the war and in the 80’s.

There had been a similarity for its sister company Chevrolet before. Both had been very similar in physical attributes except for the grilles and name plates. Additional difference is that the GMC truck has a quad band headlight while Chevrolet is in dual headlights.

The book GMC: The first 100 year was released to reminisce its centennial year in 2002 for its legacy in automobile industry.

Currently, GMC is a manufacturer of trucks, vans, military vehicles, pick ups and SUVs marketed in North America and the Middle East. In January 2007, GMC was recognized as GM’s second-largest-selling North American vehicle division after Chevrolet.

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