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Hummer is the brand of off-road and sport-utility vehicles first manufactured by AM General Corporation and purchased by General Motors (GM) in 1998. They marketed three vehicles: the original Hummer H1, based on the Humvee; and the H2 and H3 models that were based on smaller, civilian-market GM platforms.

The first Hummer vehicles were originally manufactured for military use and were called as Humvee or HMMWV vehicles. The Humvee offers exceptional speed, mobility and agility and is built upon a multi-purpose platform, which will accommodate a broad range of tasks. It has been a prominent participant in Panama (1989-1990), Desert Storm (1991), and has played important roles in Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

When the civilian version M998 Humvee was released in 1992, the famous movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger fell in love with the Hummer and asked AMG to build him a one-off civilian version with a Corvette V-8.  More vehicles were produced in 2005 and 2006 through Hummer H3 midsize SUV model. Commercial users have praised its long-life and outstanding performance, and has become a dream machine for civilians who want to operate the ultimate in durability and mobility.

The Hummer logo is as simple as other car logos. It is represented by “H” and usually with black background and white font or vice versa.  Hummer logo got licensing deals from many companies unlike other car logos. They had used Hummer logo on flashlights, bicycles, coats, shoes, skateboards, hats, laptops, jewelry, clothing and other items. Hummer logo never runs out of fanatics as one of the prominent car logos even if it ceased to produce vehicles at present time.

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