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Kia Motors is an automobile company founded by Hyoung-Keun Lee on June 9, 1944 from South Korea. Theomania name was derived from a Korean word which means “to arise to the world from Asia.” This is the main goal of the company, to be globally competitive in the field of automobile manufacturing. Their main office is at Seoul, South Korea, which is the capital of the said country. Following Hyundai Motor Company, it marked as the second largest automobile manufacturing company.

As the Kia Motors Company progress, they thought of a representation not only to their cars but also to their company. Car logos play an important role in every automobile company. Its serves as a visual representation of their organization that when people see it, they will know that it is Kia. Upon deciding to what the Kia logo will look like, there were lots of suggestions given. The management wanted the Kia logo to be a simple one yet appealing among car logos. Several car logos designs were taken into consideration until they came up with this logo. The official logo of Kia Motor Company comes into work Kia encircled by an oblong shape with a silver lining. This design will be seen in all Kia cars.

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