Koenigsegg car company logo
Christian con Koenigsegg was the founder of the Koenigsegg in 1994 in Sweden. His main goal was to produce a world-class super car. There were lots of development and prototyping done before they came up with their first street-legal  production car delivery in the year 2002. The first design of the car model of Koenigsegg was sketched by Christian Von Koenigsegg himself. He consulted the advice of David Crafoord, who was a licensed Industrial Designer. After David laid his touch on the car design, the model was scaled up in order to create the base plug for the first Koenigsegg prototype that was finished in 1996. It was in the year 2002 when they were done with the first design and launched the CC8S model. The sales of the CC8S model started low that they sold a number of 55 cars by 2007.

Every car that Koenigsegg is producing is built with more than 300 hand-formed carbon fiber parts. The car’s body and chassis are carbon fiber, and each model was tested extensively to assure the safety of the each user even when its speed exceeds 250 mph. By the way, this car brand is also known for its safeness when used.

Car logos are an important part n every automobile company. Together with its growing popularity, the Koenigsegg thought of their official Koenigsegg logo that will be a trademark of their car models. Among several car logos, Koenigsegg logo is one of the car logos which has no name on its design. It has a touch of European look. Koenigsegg logo was design to have an elegant look since it represents a luxurious car. All companies even those which are not related to car manufacturing aim to lead the world when it comes to their field of industry. Koenigsegg, like other companies, is doing its way to achieve its ultimate goal, which is to be a popular luxury Car Company worldwide.

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