Lada car logoLada is a car brand under AvtoVAZ, which is a Russian car manufacturing company based in Tolyatti, Samara Oblast. Almost all cars coming from AvtoVAZ vehicles are branded as Lada. In the last two decades of the Soviet Era, Lada became well-known in Russia and Eastern Europe. The word Lada means ship. Lada also became popular in Western Europe for the Fiat 124-based VAZ-2101and for their economy cars during 1980s. The common Lada sedan/estate which is as well known as the Classic in the west became a successful export car. Their secrets in getting the sales are; they have a competitive selling price. Their car models are reliable, and their cars are known for being user-friendly. During the peak of their exporting industry in 1980-1990, this company became an earner of foreign currency and was used as a bridge in barter arrangements in some countries.

Lada logo depicts a Viking sailing ship which is the meaning of the brand itself. Among car logos, it has a unique presentation of their company. Aside from the uniqueness of its meaning, the Lada logo is also unique because it looks like a ship though it represents a car. It has really the unique representation among car logos. Car logos represent the car company they are from. It is a visual appearance of a car brand. Lada logo is a car logo that represents the company itself.

In order to improve its popularity, Lada participated in a car race entitled World Touring Car Championship. The team used the Lada 110 in the race during 2008’s season. They became a two-time champion with James Thompson. Until today, Lada still thinks of new car technology development to become globally competitive in the field of car manufacturing. And just like other companies, they are doing ways to achieve their goal.

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