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Lincoln is a luxury vehicle brand of Ford Motor Company. The company is an American brand founded by Henry M. Leland in August 1915. He is also one of the founders Cadillac. The company evolved into a luxury vehicle manufacturer after the war and became a division of Ford Motor Company

Lincoln cars Lincoln has been an icon of the American power elite since 1921 for its unique comfort and luxury. It was commonly referred to as a Limousine today are official state vehicles of the United States including Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Johnson, Nixon Ford, Reagan, Carter, bush and up to the present. Notable individuals also owned Lincoln vehicles like Herbert Hoover, Thomas Edison and W.C. Fields. This honorable choice elevated Lincoln to a true American symbol of status and power. By 1924, the Lincoln brand was fast becoming the car of choice for the powerful and wealthy segment of American society.

The Lincoln logo is simple among other car logos. It is represented by a Continental star which was adopted in the late 50s after the Lincoln and Continental lines were merged. Presently, it bears the popularity through its limousine town cars. The simplicity of the logo created a great impact on the consumers unlike other car logos. It became a symbol of luxury, prestige and elegance of all car logos.

Lincoln continues to capture the American spirit to this day with its world-class luxury vehicles and remains a leader in the American luxury automobile industry as it stretches its cars around the world.

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