Mercedes Benz car company logoMercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. It is a division of its parent company, Daimler AG. The name first appeared in 1926 but traces its origins to Daimler’s 1901 Mercedes and to Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen, widely regarded as the first automobile.

Mercedes-Benz traces its origins to Karl Benz’s creation of the first petrol-powered car, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, patented in January 1886 and Gottlieb Daimler and engineer Wilhelm Maybach’s conversion of a stagecoach by the addition of a petrol engine later that year. The first Mercedes-Benz brand name vehicles were produced in 1926, following the merger of Karl Benz’s and Gottlieb Daimler’s companies into the Daimler-Benz company. Mercedes-Benz has introduced many technological and safety innovations that later became common in other vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is one of the most well-known and established automotive brands in the world, and is also the world’s oldest automotive brand still in existence today.

Mercedes-Benz car logo stands out among other car logos in the market. It uses the symbol of points that head out in three different directions pointing to air, water, and land. The Mercedes Benz logo was a concept of Gottfied Daimler, who heads the manufacturing of a range of transport movers who work effectively across air, water and land. These services made the company logo famous for other car logos.

Furthermore, the Mercedes Benz car logo marked a historical connection similar to other car logos. The color silver badge is very typical of the Mercedes Benz logo and dates back to its involvement in the very first Grand Prix, which ran at Nuerburgring in 1934. When one of the cars exceeded its eligible weight for the race in the pre-race checks, the officials spent the night polishing off the paint so that the car was back to its raw silver color. The following day as the car ran around the track it has shone a beautiful silver color and was termed the “silver arrow.”

The present performances of luxurious Mercedes-Benz cars are still applauded and adored at the moment.

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