Morgan Motor Logo
Morgan Motor Logo

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Morgan Motor Company is well known British car manufacturing company founded in 1910 by Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan or more had known as H. F. S. continued his leadership for the company until his death in 1959. Peter Morgan his son, then took over the leadership of the company until 2003 in which he passed away. Today, the Morgan Motor Company is run by Charles Morgan, the grandson of Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan.

Morgan Car Company started producing cycle cars, which have two-seat and four-seat. These models did not attract the consumers because it was competed with small cars like the Austin 7 and the original Morris Minor. Therefore, they were not able to reach high sales.

Morgan Logo has made a trademark in the car manufacturing industry. It was made with detailed design creation just like other car logos. For them, car logos are an important part in every car company because it serves as a visual representation of their company, their models and the people behind the cars. Car logos could remain in every user’s mind that is why Morgan Motor Company also made an effort in making their company’s Logo.

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