Noble Automotive car company logoNoble is a British sports car manufacturer who has moved to larger premises at Meridian Business Park near Leicester, England. It is one of the most leading British sports car manufacturers. It was established for high-speed sports cars with a rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

The Noble Automotive Ltd. was established by Lee Noble in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the year 1999. He himself was the chief designer and owner of Noble. And in August 2006, he sold the company and later resigned from the company in February 2008, as well as, he announced his new venture, which is Fenix Automotive.

Noble Automotive is more commonly known as Noble, which is shown in its Noble logo itself – that is from the last name of the one who established it. Car logos are an important part in every car manufacturing company because it stands for their company and what their company brings. Car logos need to be designed carefully following the motto of a company. Additionally, car logos are another way of advertisement for another company. For this reason, Noble logo put the name “Noble” in their logo in order to make people be more familiar with the brand and the company itself. Noble logo is simple but will mark in every person’s mind since the name of the company in written in their badge.

It is a low-production British sports car company, and its past products include the M12 GTO, M12 GTO-3, M12 GTO-3R and the Noble M400. The body and chassis which consist of an internal framework of the Noble is built by High-Tech Automotive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa alongside Superformance cars.

The reputation of Noble in the production of incredibly quick and fine handling cars was established when the M12 was released in 2001. And this became a bench mark, for its incredibly plaint ride, reassuring and precise handling and impressive power delivery. And with that Noble received almost universal praise from the world’s motoring press.

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