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Panoz Auto Development is an American manufacturer of high-performance automobiles founded in 1989 by Dan Panoz, son of pharmaceutical and motor sport mogul Don Panoz. The company is located in Braselton, GA.

Since 1997, Panoz cars have competed in racing series around the world. Panoz strives to maintain a close link between its road cars and its racing activities. It won the American Le Mans series through its Esperante GTLM and the GT2 class at the 2006 24 Hours. It has also contracted longtime BMW Motorsport partner Prototype Technology Group to campaign for the GTLM in the ALMS and Le Mans. Panoz has also provided IndyCar with the G-Force IR3 and IR5; and the Champ Car World Series with their race car, the Panoz DP01. It was in 2001 that the Esperante became available as a street car.

The Panoz logo was created by Daniel Panoz himself. It might be simple but contains a lot of symbolisms like the creation of other car logos on the street. The logo shows its nationalistic side like other car logos with its red, white and blue coloring that indicates the company is based in U.S… Furthermore, the logo contains swirls, a nod to the Japanese yin-yang symbol, while the shamrock points to the roots of the first chassis Panoz developed. The company logo is one of a crowd favorite along with the long list of car logos.

Panoz products have included the Panoz Roadster and AIV Roadster, and the Panoz Esperante. All Panoz road cars are tested exhaustively at Panoz-owned Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia and handcrafted at the Braselton workshop.

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