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Being the second largest car manufacturing company in Europe, Peugeot is a French car brand which is also a part of PSA Peugeot Citroen. It was a family business that was founded in 1810, which started as coffee mills and bicycles manufacturer. Emile Peugeot first led the company and applied for the lion trademark on November 20, 1858. In the year 1891 the company was able to produce its first automobile but because of family dissonance, Armand Peugeot decided to build the Societe des Automobiles Peugeot in 1896.

The company had undergone several ups and downs in business field, but they never gave up until they could  buy a 30% share of Citroen and could take over the whole company  when the French government gave a large amount of money to the new company. It happened in 1975. It was due to the financial problem undergone by Citroen because of too many radical new strategies for its financial resources. Some of the Citroen divisions that were proven unprofitable were Citroen SM and Comotor rotary engine. However, Citroen CX and Citroen GS proved their worth in the market place.

The two companies decided to merge into one without erasing their car brand names by putting up a parent name PSA or Peugeot Societe Anonyme group. They decided to put up this name in order to still remain having different identities for each brand while sharing resources in terms of engineering and technical. Then in 1987 as the American car manufacturer was facing struggles financially, they took over the European division of Chrysler, which was formerly known as Rootes and Simca.

Just like other car manufacturers who have car logos or badges, Peugeot has also its own Peugeot logo. Car logos are not just an accessory in every car model. It plays an important role in every company because it serves as visual representation of their company and brand. Car logos including the Peugeot logo also serve as a way of advertisement to improve the popularity of any car brand.   Peugeot logo was designed as a standing silver lion with the brand name below.

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