Reva car company logoFounded by Sudarshan Maini in 1994, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited or formerly known as Reva Electric Car Company is an Indian car manufacturing company based on Bangalore, which focuses on designing and manufacturing of compact electric cars. Reva was the first company which introduced the technology of electric vehicles worldwide. Its main goal is to be able to develop and produce an affordable electric car which is also the aim of other several companies. In year 2001, the company launched its first model, which was also the world’s first mass produced electric car. The company produced the flagship EV REVAi which marked as the world’s best selling electric vehicle.

RECC or simply Reva paired with several automakers looking for ways to develop the components for REVA. Some of the companies they paired with are the Curtis Instruments Inc. of USA, which developed a motor controller, especially for the car and the Modular Power Systems which developed the charger for Reva. There was another company they paired with which made a high tech power pack from customized Prestolite batteries for their cars. Its name was Tudor India Limited. Soon, they decided to develop their own charger through a technical collaboration between MPS and the Maini Group. Another company called GoinGreen from UK signed an agreement with RECC to import Reva cars and sell them under the G-Wiz moniker.

As the company grew bigger, they thought of launching a Reva logo that will be placed and posted in all their car models released. The reason for doing this is to let people know that the cars were made by them. Cars logos are a visual representation of the company they came from. Some may think that car logos are just part of car designs, but it is more than that. Car logos also help in advertising their company that people will become more familiar with their brand. Reva logo is designed as simple as the brand name itself. It’s simplicity brought it elegance and made Reva logo popular to some countries.

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