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Rimac Automobili was founded in Croatia, near Zagreb in the year 2009. According to them, it is in their company where the magic of their cars happens. They put into the mind of every user whom their cars are made with love and enthusiasm. They always say that they love what they do, and it is not worked that they are doing but a game that they are enjoying. They play and so thus it creates the magic. This company is made up of great enthusiasts who are exerting so much effort for their success in the future. They are guided with their company’s vision that says; Guided by passion and open minded ideas, Rimac Automobili develops and produces high-performance electric vehicles, drive trains and battery systems.

As their company continues to grow while thinking of ways to improve the electric technology in cars, they have also thought of developing, designing and launching their own badge, which will represent their company. Like other car manufacturing companies, Rimac also considers the car logos as an important part of their organization. They said that their company’s logo represents their company and so as other organizations, which believe that car logos serve as a visual representation of their brand. Rimac logo was designed focusing on their brand name for just like other car logos it will also be a way of advertisement that can be used on their advantage.

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