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Scania or also known as Scania Aktiebolag and short for Scania AB was founded in the Swedish province of Scania in Malmo in 1891. This is one among the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy vehicle.

It has more than 1.4M truck and buses that is used for heavy transport that has been made and delivered. There production facilities are in Argentina, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Assembly plants are available in around ten countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

They have manufacture and sell truck that has a 16 tonnes gross vehicle weight that which purpose is for long distance transport. There bus range focuses on bus chassis which is use for urban, intercity traffic and tourist coaches.

There logo is one of the most popular and memorable that was created. It has a Griffin and also known as Gripen a mystical creature that has a crown. Griffin symbolizes speed, strength, alertness and courage. The colors used in the logo which are red, blue, red and white symbolizes grace, excellence, precision, determination, joy, elegance and prestige that represents the long and distinguished tradition of Scania.

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