Tramontana Logo
Tramontana Logo
In 2005 a European company was founded, a.d. Tramontana. This is located at North eastern of Spain the Costa Brava. Their intention is designing and manufacturing luxury cars of superior quality.
The company in over the past five years with their constant innovation they have designed, developed, certified and manufactured Tramontana. It styling is inspired by an open wheel racing cars, sport car which seats either be a single or twin. It has passed even the most challenging technical test and achieves the “supercat” category. It also accomplished all the certification of European requirements to quality so that it can be used in public roads. In 2010 the vehicle was first marketed and sold. In the history of automotive this sport car is close to F1 because this is where it was inspired. It is like a fighter jet that can be driven on a road. They say this vehicle is unique.
Each of these cars that are built is unique and different. It is custom designed depending on the client personal requisite. It is exceptional because of the combination of striking lines and personalized accents with machinery that is powerful and with standards that are high safety.
The inspiration behind the name of this car is the creative wind. The name is said to be the treasured wind that blows mostly in north eastern of Catalonia.
Currently their logo was changed from a flame like to infinity.

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