Zagato var company logoZagato is a design consultancy and engineering services company situated just outside Milan, Italy. It was established by Ugo Zagato at the end of World War I as an aircraft construction industry and uses it later for expanding market of passenger vehicles.

Zagato’s cars were advanced in design and became synonymous with light weight and excellent aerodynamics. A collaboration with big car companies resulted in  the creation of a series of legendary racing cars, such as the Alfa Romeo 1500, then the 1750 Gran Sport, and the 2300 8C. After World War II, Zagato was very much active in the new GT racing category. Avant-garde styling, together with light weight and wind-cheating lines were main features of Zagato’s models for the leading sports car manufacturers of that era – Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Bristol. In addition to cars that have been produced officially in small series, the company has also built exclusive one-offs and prototypes for other illustrious marques, such as Ford, Jaguar, MG, Rover, Volvo, and Rolls-Royce.

Many Zagato vehicles have the signature double-bubble roof that allowed clearance for racing helmets or heads, with minimal frontal area. Other trademark design features include no bodywork ahead of the headlights. Flat door handles and the absence of bumpers and outside rearview mirrors. Zagato also designs non-automobile projects such as an automated guided electric commuter train for a city in Abu Dhabi.

In July 2011 was reported that specialist car builder CPP (Coventry Prototype Panels) had acquired Zagato, it says Vladimir Antonov is funding CPP and its recent acquisitions. But CPP Milan s.r.l. is an independent company. At beginning of 2012 CPP Manufacturing has gone under the control of Evisage Group a consulting-service company in the automotive engineering field based on Coventry.

The Zagato car logos is included in the list of simple car logos. The metallic silvery coat of Zagato logo presents its innovative quality in terms of creating superb car designs. Zarato logo stands alone with “Z” as bumper identity with its company name and place of origin. The simplicity of company’s logo reflects its creativity and hidden ability among other car logos. These remarkable qualities of the logo were adored among other car logos in the market.

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